The Committee

As a community based service, we are managed by a Parent/Community Members Committee. This Committee meets every second month during school terms, usually at our base in Maitland, and we urge parents to become involved to ensure the service continues to grow. All parents are invited along to the meetings, this is where you can have your say on how Preschool is run.

We believe that parents need to be recognised as the primary influence in their child’s life and that it is vital that staff and parents work together in a close relationship for the benefit of the child.

We encourage you to become involved in the service and its program in any way that you can.

The next Committee Meeting will be held Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 10am at the Maitland Base

Our AGM was held on 13th March 2017.
The 2017 Management Committee is:

PRESIDENT Katherine Hodges
SECRETARY Kristy Duncan
TREASURER Kelly Metcalfe
ORDINARY MEMBERS / VENUE REPS Clare Boland,  Trudy Collins (Lochinvar),
Troy Whitaker (Gilieston Heights), Natalie Kijko (Vacy),
Alana Lantry, Katie Melville, Deanne Wheeler, Jodie Usher,
Sharon Hill, Simone Hayden