COVID-19 (Caronavirus)

The NSW Government and the Department of Health are working to monitor and respond to COVID-19 developments.

Their priority is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children, staff and families of our service.

Many families have already made the decision to keep their children at home, and therefore our management committee, because of the uniqueness of our preschool service (travelling to 7 communities to operate preschool during the week), have made the decision to close preschool, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Preschool will be closed from Tuesday 24th March until Friday 24th April (the last day of the holidays).

At this stage OSHC Services will stay open whilst schools stay open. We would like to remind families that Mark Scott, Secretary of NSW Education has advised that all schools are open, however only to supervise the online learning for students whose parents are employed in essential services.

We understand that this situation may be very stressful and overwhelming. Staff are feeling this too.

Staff will continue to provide all families with updates either through our Facebook page, emails, or text messages as information becomes available.

As our preschool service is not operational, no preschool fees will be charged. If your fees are paid in advance, you will receive credit towards future fees once we return.

The service office will be closed and staff will be working from home.  Any questions you may have can be sent to lhactivityvan@bigpond.com which will be regularly monitored during the preschool closure.  OSHC services can be contacted directly on their mobiles – 0447504978 for Gresford and 0455040998 for Vacy.  Our office number will not be answered during preschool closure.

Following is a link to a post full of useful websites and activities to help continue your child’s preschool education.


We thank you for your continued support at this time.

Visit from Scot MacDonald

2016/2017 Christmas Closure

The Hunter Mobile Preschool office is closed from Tuesday 20th December for the Christmas break. If you need to contact preschool during this time you can call 49346725 and leave a message on the machine or send an email to lhactivityvan@bigpond.com. Staff will be at the base on Tuesday 24th January to prepare for preschool for 2017 and messages and emails will be replied to then.

The Staff of Hunter Mobile Preschool wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

merry christmas

Stronger For The Storm

A team from Newcastle University and the SES are conducting a “Stronger For The Storm” project to enable communities that were greatly affected by the devastating storms in April 2015 to share their stories.  Hunter Mobile Preschool was closed for a week due to the damage from this storm and we could not visit one of venues for weeks as they were cut off by flood waters. We had it easy – so many others suffered great losses and terrible, frightening conditions. If you live in one of the areas the team are investigating and would like to take part in their post disaster research, please use the information on the flyer below to contact them.
storm research

Preschool finishing dates for 2015

The last day of Preschool for the year for each venue will be:


  • Mulbring – Tuesday 8th December
  • Lochinvar – Thursday 10th December
  • Wollombi – Thursday 10th December
  • Millfield – Friday 11th December
  • Gresford – Friday 11th December

Start Dates for 2014

The first days for each venue next year will be:
Mulbring – Tuesday 28th January
Lochinvar – Wednesday 29th January
Wollombi – Wednesday 29th January
Gresford – Friday 31st January
Millfield – Friday 31st January