COVID-19 Update

Face to Face Preschool resumes on the dates below.  Unfortunately at this stage, we are still unable to use the Gillieston Heights Community Centre or the Telarah Hall.  For the Gillieston families, the option is to attend a Tuesday at the Lochinvar hall, and the Telarah families have been given the opportunity to join a Lochinvar session that suits them.

Monday 25thVacy & East Cessnock

Tuesday 26thGresford, East Cessnock & Gillieston Heights (at Lochinvar hall)

Wednesday 27thWollombi & Lochinvar (including Telarah children if requested)

Thursday 28thWollombi, Vacy & Lochinvar (including Telarah children if requested)

Friday 29thGresford

Both Gresford and Vacy OSHC are still operating as normal

There will be many changes that will be implemented in order for us to safely return to preschool. Some of these will be:
• Please maintain social distancing during drop off and pick up times, especially around the sign-in table
• Hand sanitiser will be available at locations around the venues.
• Cleaning of high traffic areas will increase.
• The play environment will be organised in a way that promotes space between children.

Please see the COVID-19 Policy available from the About our Preschool page for more details.

Even though Preschool and OSHC are operating, the office will remain unattended at this stage.  To contact the office, please email and our office staff will return your email or call you during normal office hours (Monday to Wednesday 9am to 4pm, Thursday 9am to 1pm).  To contact the preschool or OSHC venue you attend, please call 0408684942 for Gresford or Vacy , 04073591105 for Wollombi and East Cessnock, 0455116393 for Lochinvar, Gillieston and Telarah, 0447504978 for Gresford OSHC  and 0455040998 for Vacy OSHC.