Wollombi Preschool from 9.45am to 3.15pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the school term. The preschool is located at the Wollombi School Residence, 2851 Wollombi Road, Wollombi.

Our Wollombi venue provides for a relaxed, play based curriculum, with the children being able to flow between their indoor and outdoor play interests. We have a wonderful connection with the local school community both in Wollombi and Laguna. Mrs Baker from Laguna school visits on a regular basis, providing a music and story time with the opportunity to borrow books, provided from the Laguna school Library.

Having access to a full kitchen allows us the opportunity to include cooking experiences each term, utilizing the vegetables that are grown in the community garden on site and walking excursions in the village increase the children’s sense of belonging to their community.

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Benjamin Hayter

Lisa Stratigos


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